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4 Signs That You Need To Upgrade Your Hosting Plan

The digital landscape is rapidly expanding in India. This is signified by the proliferation of varied online platforms and an exponential increase in their traffic. Due to these evolving dynamics, websites require hosting plans which allow them to conduct their operations with speed, flexibility, and adequate security. For most startups, shared hosting plans are ideal […]

Avoid These Blunders While Naming Your Business

The name of your business not only describes its sphere of operations, but it also embodies the core philosophy of your enterprise. In today’s globalized context where technological innovations are constantly redefining marketing strategies, well-conceived business and domain names are essential for achieving a strong global reach. In essence, an appropriate, memorable and appealing name […]

6 Ways to Promote Your New Website for Free

Building a website is just the beginning of your online journey. It takes considerable effort to setup up a website, but all these efforts will go to waste if you don’t get any visitors. Hence, it’s essential to promote your website. There are many ways to promote your website; some are intimidating while some can […]

How to Earn Easy Money With Reseller Hosting?

If you’ve ever researched into the hosting of websites, you must be aware of web hosting. Let’s tell you something you’ll be pleased to know – a certain type of hosting also allows you to earn money. Introducing: Reseller Hosting. Reseller hosting allows you to purchase a web hosting package, rebrand it and then resell […]

Free or Paid SSL Certificates? Which One’s Right For Your Website?

In recent years, search engines like Google have been encouraging website owners to secure their website by installing an SSL certificate. Some have even made changes to their search algorithm to promote secured websites. Moreover, on 25th July 2018, Google took a step further by updating their Chrome browser to explicitly notify visitors when they’ve […]

Start Your WordPress Blog in Just 20 Minutes

Have you always wondered how to start a blog, but couldn’t get around it? Chances are you’re confused as to which blogging platform you should use for your blog. While there are many blogging platforms like Tumblr, Blogger, Medium, etc., our recommendation is WordPress. Started in the year 2003, WordPress is a free blogging platform […]

How will Google’s Latest Update Affect Your Website?

This July, Google is updating their Chrome web browser to explicitly notify visitors when they’ve landed on a website that is not secure. It’s likely that other web browsers will follow their lead in order to create a safer environment online. As the necessity for online security increases, changes like this could have a negative […]

Everything You Need To Know About Shared Web Hosting

Considered as the most economical, shared web hosting is a solution that is used by an increasing number of websites. It is prominently used by blog owners, small businesses, new websites and is considered an ideal solution for those who are looking to quickly start their website with limited funds. If you too are considering […]

5 Essential Elements For Every WordPress Website

Did you know that the WordPress celebrated the 15th Anniversary of the first WordPress release on 27th May 2018? In 15 years, this free and open source content management system(CMS) has grown leaps and bounds. In a recent market report by W3Techs it was observed that 31% of all websites use WordPress, that is a CMS […]

Demystifying The Cloud – Part 2

In part 1 of the demystifying the cloud series, we discussed the philosophy and use cases of the cloud, and some of its benefits. In this post, we’ll be talking about some common forms of cloud services used in the industry and their implementations. Types of Cloud Services: IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service): IaaS is the most basic form […]

Why does the hosting server location matter for your website’s SEO

Cloud Computing has opened up unprecedented avenues of online collaboration from any time, anywhere on earth. In this world without borders, considerations of the location of your data center seem insignificant and even counter-intuitive. However, localized web-hosting is still very relevant to SEO and very important for user experience. How does the location of your […]


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