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Celebrate Your #WorkBFF and Advance Your Career

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If you had to stop and think about that one person at work who’s always there for you, helping, laughing, venting and making your day a better place – it’s likely your #WorkBFF. And with the average person spending 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime, it may not be surprising that 95% of professionals agree that it’s good to be friends with your coworkers. But what you might not realize is that your #WorkBFF is more than a daily sounding board. Work friendships are actually a great catalyst... .

U.S. Hiring Slowdown: February LinkedIn Workforce Report 2019

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In this month’s Workforce Report, we looked at the effects of the recent government shutdown might have on the future of the federal workforce. The hiring rate of government agencies affected by the shutdown is currently about 50% lower than the hiring rate of agencies unaffected by the shutdown, but hiring in D.C. has been slowing over the past several months. Since the summer, D.C. hiring has been down 8.4% - the worst of any of the 20 cities analyzed in the Workforce Report - which may lead... .

Mistakes Happen: Lean on Your Professional Community and Recover From a Career Fumble

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It’s happened to most, if not all, of us at some point in our careers — a career fumble. Whether you’ve botched an interview question, missed an important meeting or replied all by accident, know that you can recover from a career fumble and still land that coveted job or promotion. Your professional community can help. Here’s how to tackle these fumbles and get back on track. Recognize that you are not alone. More than half (55%) of all professionals admit to having made an interview or career... .


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