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Research Innovation Passport: Three Simple Ways Social Intelligence Can Transform Market Research Teams Into Innovation Centers

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The immediacy of social data is allowing companies to access data in minutes –not weeks – enabling faster business decisions. While some market researchers find themselves uncomfortable with the unstructured data that doesn’t fit their traditional methodologies, they are quickly learning how to more

The Perfect Tweet [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Tweets including photos have up to 35 per cent more retweets. However, this is in stark contrast to what B2B brands are actually sharing. B2B Marketing’s recently published Social Media Benchmarking Report revealed 79 per cent of brands share written copy over social, despite only 34 per cent believing it to be ‘very effective.’read more

Time to Stop the Hashtag Madness

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People, we're in the middle of a hashtag epidemic and we have to put a stop to it. The use of hashtags has gone way beyond any reasonable scale, and what was once a handy tool is in danger of being horribly diluted. In this post, I'll look at the history of the hashtag, the issues the humble hashtag is currently facing and how they should be used. read more

Low Reach? Then Find Better Stuff to Post on Facebook!

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You know Robert Scoble, right? If you work in social media you’ve likely heard of the Scobleizer. Robert travels the globe speaking about technology & social media. To say the guy is connected is an understatement. He seems to know everyone in tech. And he’s first on the scene for pretty much every new social media website or app. >> Click to Tweet << I didn’t know Scoble until the launch of Google+. I connected with him there, but didn’t realize how much influence he had until he shared one of my blog posts. That article was shared more times than anything I’d written up to that point. Here’s a snapshot of Robert’s social clout: Facebook: 634,816 followers Twitter: 394,984 followers Google+: 5,227,801 followers Instagram: 26,543 followers Quora: 49,280 You’d think a guy with a following that size would be hard to get hold of, right? Wrong. Robert publishes his phone number & email on all his social media profiles & encourages people to contact him. He’s a regular guy with a powerful platform for sharing his vision & the visions of others. That’s what I like most about Robert — he’s real. For this post, I got inside the Scobleizer’s head to share some of his thoughts about recent changes to Facebook’s news feed algorithm. A recent post on Robert’s page began with these words: Facebook is screwing me, marketers say. That caught my attention. Now check out Scobleizer’s tips for business owners who think Facebook is ripping them off by making them pay to reach fans: Scobleizer: Find Better Stuff to Post on Facebook In his Facebook post, Robert discussed a musician named Roem A Baur who had complained that only 5% of his fans were seeing posts from his page. Facebook was screwing him, the musician said. Here’s Baur’s plea to fans: Facebook is now starting to limit visibility of posts for even non-profits & activists. How much more are they limiting what you see here, for this independent musician? I will have to promote this post (giving Facebook money) so that you’ll see it and have the option to join my newsletter and get semi-monthly updates for me. I want to continue to share with you all, help connect you to the awesome community that supports me (a worldwide audience,) but I cannot afford to make sure you see everything on Facebook. At the current rate we interact, to promote each post would cost me $225/mo to reach you all. Will you join me? Your email and zip code is all that is required. Scoble’s reply went like this: I look at it the other way: Facebook is making it MORE likely for the good stuff to be seen because it keeps my crappy posts out of your feed. Robert estimated that even on his Facebook interest list for large technology companies — only one in 20 posts have real value. Scobleizer’s Advice for Facebook Page Owners Robert gave Roem some of the best Facebook marketing tips you’ll find anywhere: More photos. Photos get more engagement. >> Click to Tweet More insights into music. More playlists. Musicians know who is killing it, so give me playlists to listen to on Spotify or Soundcloud. Or other musicians who are influencing you. More videos. We all want to know what it’s like to be a rock star. So interview other musicians back stage, show how you invent new stuff, etc. Talk about places you like playing best & why. Give us tips for how to have a more experiential life. >> Click to Tweet Do posts with more Facebook stuff, like sentiment, location, etc. Mix it up. If you do only video posts you will get filtered out more. Don’t pander the algorithms. Let’s be honest, you can get more Likes & comments by putting up photos of cute cats or hot looking people. But is that really your brand? Will that help you get more customers, er, fans? I don’t think so. >> Click to Tweet This is great advice that will get you more Likes, comments & shares — and ultimately an increase in Reach. Without you having to pay a dime! Basically, Scobleizer is telling Baur to find better stuff to post on Facebook. Do tips from the Scobleizer work? Scoble’s advice is similar to tips we’ve given on the Post Planner blog time & time again. And Robert explained why this posting strategy works: Facebook biases toward popularity. Simply put if other people are finding your content interesting by Liking, commenting or sharing, it will show up more on the news feed. Facebook’s news feed algorithms also go for different media types. Robert said that video gets more Reach because it makes Facebook more “fun”. Are you utilizing video? And by video, I mean video you upload, not links from YouTube. Facebook is starting to get pretty contextual. This means that posts from your phone will be shown to a different audience than posts from your desktop. Facebook regularly changes its algorithm (sometimes as often as several times a week). As the algorithm is tweaked you will notice your Reach change, that’s natural. So instead of trying to game the algorithm, be consistent with your postings. You’ll build a stronger & more loyal fan base. This is due to consistently publishing high quality Facebook posts your fans enjoy. Facebook Ain’t Dumb Folks at Facebook are smarter than the most crafty marketer out there who’s trying to game the news feed algorithm. Facebook officials have thought of every angle a social media manager might take & have implemented rewards & penalties for those behaviors. Facebook knows the tricks you will use on your page before you even try. So instead of working to game the system — post good content, be consistent & speak to your audience. Your fans want to see interesting Facebook posts that make them laugh, stir debate & motivate them. They don’t care about your weekend sale. >> Click to Tweet << Post about promotions — but expect to pay for those ads to appear in the news feed. Your Turn Was Scoble right? Are most posts garbage? Do many page owners need to find better stuff to post on Facebook? Do you expect your posts to be seen by more than 5% of your fans? >> Click to Tweet << Please leave a comment here & don’t miss the discussion on Scoble’s page. The post Low Reach? Then Find Better Stuff to Post on Facebook! appeared first on Post Planner.

6 Tips to Improve Your Facebook Page

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Do you want a highly effective Facebook page? Do you know which elements make up a good Facebook page? While there are an unlimited number of strategic factors that can contribute to the success of a Facebook page, many share common elements. In this article you’ll discover the six elements of successful Facebook pages and [...]This post 6 Tips to Improve Your Facebook Page first appeared on Social Media Examiner. Social Media Examiner - Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle

5 Ways to Connect With Your Fans Using Visual Content

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Do you give your customers the best information in the simplest way possible? Are you connecting with your fans through visual content? Pictures and video can inspire and amaze your audience in a way text just can’t. In this article you’ll find five ways you can use images and video to connect with and add [...]This post 5 Ways to Connect With Your Fans Using Visual Content first appeared on Social Media Examiner. Social Media Examiner - Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle

The Weirdest Intro to AdWords Ever

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In my article today, I'll quantify the impact of Quality Score on your cost per click and cost per conversion. I'll also explain to you (mathematically!) how Google calculates your Quality Score. Finally, I'll share my three best tips on how to raise your Quality Scores, all in an effort to help you hack AdWords to improve your more

Social Signals Are Not an SEO Ranking Factor

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Straight to the point – spoiler alert – social media signals (likes, shares, +1s) – are not direct SEO ranking signals. Have you read otherwise? Yeah – me too. Almost daily I find new blog articles extolling the importance of Social Media as an SEO ranking factor. There’s definitely confusion surrounding this issue, even within the SEO industry and among industry leaders. read more

Social Media to Site Traffic: 5 Tips from the Experts

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Without thinking about it, many people automatically link their social media sites to their website's home page. If your home page, like many others, is cluttered and overwhelming, this strategy will set you up for failure. David Risley of Blog Marketing Academy suggests driving traffic to a more valuable page that will immediately engage more

The Fine Line Between Data Analytics and Security

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The more you know about your customers, the better you can serve and give them the products they want. In return, the more they trust and become loyal to your brand. But with all the information you gather from your customers to provide one-to-one service and personalized products comes the responsibility to take care of their personal data. read more

What Do 50+ Social Media Professionals Think About the Need for Social and Infrastructure?

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Sprinklr surveyd over 50 social media professionals on their opinions on marketing automation. Contributing brands include Cisco, Nissan, Samsung, Shell, Nestle Purina, HP, Medtronic, Wells Fargo, Pfizer, Dell, Reebok, Farmers Insurance, and MarketingXLerator. Don't miss this eBook if you are looking into automating some of your more

Mobile Friendly: How to Manage Social Media from Your Cell Phone

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Time—it flies, it’s ticking, it’s money, it’s on our side. Whatever you determine, you can’t argue: time is valuable. It becomes even more valuable when talking about social media. As fast-paced as we tend to be, social media can move even faster. Being able to manage on-the-go will take your social marketing to the next more


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