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Facebook News Feed Changes: Why We Need a New Strategy

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Welcome to this week’s edition of the Social Media Marketing Talk Show, a news show for marketers who want to stay on the leading edge of social media. On this week’s Social Media Marketing Talk Show, we explore Facebook news feed changes with Michael Stelzner and other breaking social media marketing news of the week! [...] This post Facebook News Feed Changes: Why We Need a New Strategy first appeared on . - Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle

YouTube Ranking: How to Get More Views on YouTube

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Want to increase the visibility of your YouTube videos? Wondering how to help your videos perform well with the YouTube algorithm? To explore how to get more views for your videos on YouTube, I interview Sean Cannell. More About This Show The Social Media Marketing podcast is an on-demand talk radio show from Social Media [...] This post YouTube Ranking: How to Get More Views on YouTube first appeared on . - Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle

Getting Things Done: The Journey, Episode 13

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The Journey, a Social Media Examiner production, is an episodic video documentary that shows you what really happens inside a growing business. // Watch The Journey: Episode 13 Episode 13 of The Journey follows Michael Stelzner, founder of Social Media Examiner, as he continues to pursue what many will see as an impossible goal: to [...] This post Getting Things Done: The Journey, Episode 13 first appeared on . - Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle

How to Generate More Leads From Your Blog

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Need your blog posts to generate more leads? Looking for tips to turn more readers into loyal email subscribers? In this article, you’ll learn how to combine blog posts and content upgrades into a package that generates warm leads. #1: Review Multiple Platforms to Find Popular Topics To convert more customers through blogging, you need [...] This post How to Generate More Leads From Your Blog first appeared on . - Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle

7 Ways to Use Instagram Video for Business

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Wondering how to create Instagram videos that will resonate with your audience? Looking for inspiration? In this article, you’ll discover seven ways to use Instagram video to enhance your stories and timeline with engaging content. #1: Integrate Instagram Stories Video An estimated 250+ million active users view Instagram Stories every day. Because Stories content has [...] This post 7 Ways to Use Instagram Video for Business first appeared on . - Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle

How to Use Instagram Story Highlights for Business

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Do you want more value from your Instagram stories? Interested in repurposing stories content on your Instagram profile? Instagram’s Highlights feature lets you combine multiple Instagram stories into long-term content your audience can discover at their convenience. In this article, you’ll discover how to create Instagram stories highlight albums for your business. #1: Create an [...] This post How to Use Instagram Story Highlights for Business first appeared on . - Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle

Why Great Content Aligns Your Brand and Prospects – Here’s Why #149

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A fortune teller looks for meaning in the alignment of the planets, but if you’re a content marketer, it’s more important to you that there’s alignment of your content between your business goals and the needs of your prospects. In this episode of our popular Here’s Why digital marketing video series, Stone Temple’s Mark Traphagen explains what that alignment looks like, and why it is critical to your content marketing. Don’t miss a single episode of Here’s Why with Mark & Eric. Click the subscribe button below to be notified via email each time a new video is published. Over a half million views on YouTube! Subscribe to Here’s Why Resources The Three Marks of Great Content B2B Buyers on What Content Works…and What Doesn’t See all of our Here’s Why Videos | Subscribe to our YouTube Channel Transcript Eric: Mark, what do you mean when you say that great content aligns your brand and prospects? Mark: Eric, that came out of my intensive study of the most effective content marketing by brands. Now, over time, I came to realize the best brand content has three characteristics in common. It’s useful, unique, and aligned. Now, by aligned, I mean that there’s a proper balance in the content between the business goals of the brand and the wants and needs of its prospects and customers.  Eric: What does that balance look like? Mark: It’s probably easiest to illustrate that by talking about content that’s out of balance on either side. So when content is skewed too heavily to business goals, it’s typically salesy and self-promotional. It’s not about helping and engaging your prospects but tries too hard to push whatever you’re trying to sell. Direct selling content can be useful content if you’re moving somebody to the point where they’re considering buying from you, but it totally fails at breaking through the natural sales resistance in people who aren’t comfortable with you yet.  Eric: But you can be out of balance on the prospect side as well, right? Mark: You sure can, and that happens when your content is trying so hard to catch attention, or get engagement, that it loses any connection to the business and the goals to which it wants to move the prospect. An example of that is Super Bowl ads. You’ve probably seen the surveys that they take after the big game, right? Most of the people can recall many of the most entertaining ads in great detail, but few can actually name the brands that they were advertising. The advertiser spent so much attention on just gaining that attention, that they failed to make a strong association with the brand or product. Eric: How do brands create content that’s balanced and better aligned? Mark: I think we need to think of every content piece like we’re trying to build a bridge between our business and its prospects. Start with your business goals, whether that’s brand awareness and reputation, creating community around your brand, or making people aware of your products or solutions.  Think of content as trying to build a bridge between your business and your prospectsClick To Tweet   Then put yourself in your prospect’s place, and think about his or her needs, desires, and pain points. As you construct your content, seek to build a bridge between those two things. Ask yourself how this piece of content is relevant to your business, but also why should it matter to your prospects. What does it do for them? That’s the content development bridge, and when you build it properly, your content starts working for you.  Eric: Thanks, Mark. Folks, you really should check out Mark’s in-depth examination of effective content, “The Three Marks of Great content.” You’ll find it here. Don’t miss a single episode of Here’s Why with Mark & Eric. Click the subscribe button below to be notified via email each time a new video is published. Subscribe to Here’s Why See all of our Here’s Why Videos | Subscribe to our YouTube Channel

How to Use Facebook Dynamic Creative Ads for Optimized Facebook Ads

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Do you split test your Facebook ads? Looking for a more effective way to test Facebook ad variations? The Facebook Dynamic Creative ad feature automatically tests multiple variations of a single ad. In this article, you’ll discover how to use Facebook’s Dynamic Creative feature to reveal the optimal ad for your audience. What Is Facebook’s [...] This post How to Use Facebook Dynamic Creative Ads for Optimized Facebook Ads first appeared on . - Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle

List of Ad Networks That Accept Cryptocurrency Payments

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Cryptocurrencies have been taking the world by storm. They’re an interesting technology that has evolved into a new class of commodities powered by, well, more or less the whims of the people. While there’s an argument to be made that there’s no actual value in something like Bitcoin, there are also people who have made off with millions through cryptocurrency trading, so I try not to be too harsh in my criticisms. If you’re one of the people who has adopted Bitcoin, or has invested in one of the over 1,300 alt-coins, you’re probably looking at ways to make use of it in payments. After all, they are meant to be currencies. Using Cryptocurrencies for Payments One quirk of the way cryptocurrencies work is that they don’t actually hold much trust among your average consumer. I mean, if you offer an hour of your services for $100 and someone pays you with a $100 bill, that $100 bill is worth $100 now, a week from now, a month from now, and a year from now. The price of the goods and services you buy with it might rise a little, but $100 is $100. With a currency like Bitcoin, if someone pays you $100 worth of BTC, that isn’t $100. If Bitcoin goes up tomorrow, that $100 might be worth $120. If Bitcoin goes down, suddenly you were only paid $80 for your services. Bitcoin is an insanely volatile commodity, and very few businesses want to have any significant amount of it on hand at any given time. It’s a recipe for disaster; one crash can cause a significant loss in value. A bank account doesn’t do that. Most of the smaller cryptocurrencies are similarly volatile, though their swings are smaller simply due to the monetary scale they’re operating on, since nothing has taken off quite the same way as Bitcoin. The quirk this has caused is that to use a cryptocurrency as payment for goods and services, you have to go through an appropriate payment processor. Often times, if a website says they accept Bitcoin as a payment method, what they’re doing is sending you to a processor of their choice. You agree to pay $100 in Bitcoin and send it to the processor. The process then sends $100 USD to the company; they never actually have their hands on BTC themselves. For a lot of the smaller altcoins, you have to actually go one step further. Even if a website accepts BTC as a payment option, that doesn’t mean they’ll accept Ripple, NEO, Dogecoin, Verge, Decred, Ubiq, or whatever else sprang up this week. In these cases, you have to convert your altcoin into one of the majorly accepted cryptocurrencies through one processor, then use THAT currency through the vendor’s processor to actually buy your goods. This means you have extra transaction fees, extra time for the transaction to process, and more chance for currency fluctuations to hurt your currency value. I bring all this up for one reason. Technically, you can at any time convert your cryptocurrency into USD through whichever processor you desire, then take that money to any ad network you could possibly want to use. Any ad network will “accept” crytpocurrency if you first convert it into real money first. All of that said, the ad networks I’ve listed out below are all ad networks that work with an exchange to “directly” accept cryptocurrencies. Generally they’ll accept Bitcoin and a couple of the larger altcoins like Etherium and Litecoin, and not much else. I’ll try to point that out when I can. Anyway, here’s the list. CoinAd, BitsForClicks, ETC I put this one up at the top for one major reason: beware any cryptocurrency-focused ad network. Many of them are straight-up scams with some of the oldest tricks in the book. If you check out reviews for CoinAd, you see a lot of people who don’t get paid and a lot of people who lose their coins. The problem is that, while CoinAd (and other sites like them) boast huge amounts of ad impressions and targeted advertising, they don’t actually have sites in their network. The flip side of sites like CoinAd is an “earn Bitcoins” scam. People register to “earn” coins from CoinAd on an invite-only basis. There’s red flag number one; they claim to have delivered over 1.1 billion ad impressions in the last 30 days, but they’re invite-only, so publishers can’t simply sign up. How huge a network do they think they have on an invite basis? The people who sign up don’t run banner ads on their websites, they’re simply directed to a portal where they are shown “ads” that advertisers are paying BTC to run. They’re then paid to click those ads, with a promised payout of a few cents of BTC per click. These kinds of “ad networks” have been around for a long time, and they’re generally worthless to everyone involved except the network itself, which is raking in the cryptocash. I would generally recommend that you be very, very careful if you’re thinking of using a Bitcoin-first ad network. Bitcoin hasn’t been around long enough as an accepted payment method for these kinds of businesses to shake out. Many of them have little in the way of verification that they’re legitimate, and many are simply operating on a shoestring basis before they can cut and run. What you want to find are legitimate ad networks that have cryptocurrency as one of several payment options. Anything that is branded centering around cryptocurrencies simply doesn’t have enough trust for me to recommend just yet. Maybe in a few years, a few legitimate leaders will have shaken out, but for now, err on the side of caution. Even something more legitimate like Coin-Ad has abysmal statistics. Do you really want to invest in an ad network that is averaging under 600 clicks per day across the entire network? The one exception to this is if you’re trying to advertise a site that is heavily cryptocurrency-focused itself. Something like BitMedia can be a decent choice, since they’re all-in on the crypto bandwagon, focusing entirely on that niche. Even so, their statistics don’t look impressive; they showcase some 16,000 clicks across their network on a 24-hour basis, but the size of their network indicates that’s something like 5 clicks per website per day. Not very impressive for an advertising network. Other potential Bitcoin-focused ad networks that aren’t easily identifiable scams include: Mellow Ads – A small network focused on simplicity over complexity or control. Anonymous Ads – A small network focusing on anonymity; you don’t need to give them any personal information to advertise with them. RunCPA – A small network that focuses on affiliate marketing rather than CPC marketing. Noteworthy in that they’re anonymous like A-Ads and that they use Bitcoin internally, so they’re subject to fluctuations themselves. Coinzilla – A relatively traditional small network that focuses on pop-unders, those old scourges of marketing, and works with adult sites. CoinURL – A URL shortener similar to AdFly that shows interstitial ads to people who click the link. Crypto Media Hub – A somewhat larger network that nevertheless focuses exclusively on cryptocurrency-focused sites, with a site that provides virtually no information to use to decide if you want to join. As you can see, a lot of the Bitcoin-focused ad networks are small and focus more on a gimmick than on having a large network. They may be useful for some small supplemental traffic, but let’s be honest here; anyone deep enough into Bitcoin to be browsing a BTC-related site is going to be using an ad blocker. These networks have pretty slim effects. BuySellAds BSA is one of the larger more traditional ad networks. They have five possible ad formats; native advertising, sponsored content, podcast advertising, traditional display advertising, and email advertising. They also maintain a large marketplace where you can make deals directly with specific websites ranging from CoinDesk to SitePoint. BuySellAds supports Bitcoin, but you have to pay into an account with BSA. It’s sort of like a prepaid card, or adding credit to your account. You go through CoinBase to convert your cryptocurrency into USD and send that USD to BSA. You then use your credit on the site to pay for the ads you want to purchase. If you don’t have enough credit, you have to add more or add another payment option. It’s an additional hoop to jump through, but it works. BuySellAds was actually one of the first major ad networks to accept cryptocurrencies, and as such have had a few features on and recommendations throughout the industry. If you’re interested in BTC payments or payments using another cryptocurrency, you can certainly find worse options. At least BSA has a long history, a good reputation, and a publisher network that can get you orders of magniture more traffic than any of the small BTC-focused networks above. A hybrid platform that took an existing ad network and added the ability to pay partially or fully with Bitcoin or, through Shapeshift, a handful of altcoins. They pay publishers in CPM and revenue share models, so they’re strictly a CPM network. They mostly do traditional display advertising, but have options for pre- and post-roll video ads, mobile and app ads, and text ads. They’re also pretty simple; they only do geographic and site-specific targeting. Publishers are required to have 50K views per month minimum. I frankly haven’t heard much good or bad about this site. They seem functional, and they accept BTC as a payment option, which is all I really need for this particular review. As always, if you’re going to try out an ad network, start small. Don’t dump a huge budget in until you’re sure you see returns. And… that’s about it. Other than these two networks, I’m having a hard time finding any ad networks that a) existed before Bitcoin hit the market, b) are not heavily Bitcoin-branded and themed, and c) still exist. If you ever wanted to know what the biggest issue with BTC-focused ad networks was, just look at any top list of cryptocurrency-focused ad networks from the past two years and see how many of them are now dead links. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised to find many of the links I posted above will be dead by the end of 2018. The Modern Issue with Bitcoin Payments To close out this post, I want to bring up one issue that a lot of Bitcoin-focused ad networks are encountering. Bitcoin requires a verification with the blockchain to confirm any transaction moving BTC from one wallet to another. With a typical bank, these sorts of confirmations are processed by the millions every hour and are virtually instant. With Bitcoin, because of the way the blockchain works, confirmation times tend to drag out. In fact, confirmation times have been spiking since the start of the new year, where it could literally take hours or even days for a transaction to complete, by which time the value of the currency may have changed significantly. In fact, since January 1, transaction times have ranged from 27 minutes to 383 minutes on average, which is a significant amount of time when you’re hoping to run agile advertising. Adapting to the whims of traffic is important, so if you’re paying with BTC, you’re going to need to load up an account with BSA or something beforehand so you can pay as needed on an ongoing basis. There are some attempts to address the variability and length of transaction speeds, but thus far no single solution has emerged. For now, you’re simply at the mercy of the trends of the market; when value changes dramatically, transactions spike, so the speed of those transactions drops. The post List of Ad Networks That Accept Cryptocurrency Payments appeared first on Growtraffic Blog.

Facebook Organic Reach Update for Pages and Instagram Live Sharing

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Welcome to this week’s edition of the Social Media Marketing Talk Show, a news show for marketers who want to stay on the leading edge of social media. On this week’s Social Media Marketing Talk Show, we explore Facebook organic reach update for pages, Instagram Live sharing in Direct Messages, and Facebook shutting down their [...] This post Facebook Organic Reach Update for Pages and Instagram Live Sharing first appeared on . - Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle

Interxion to Add Capacity in Seven Markets Across Europe

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AMSTERDAM – INTERXION HOLDING NV (NYSE:INXN), a leading European provider of carrier and cloud-neutral colocation data centre services, today announced new expansion projects in seven cities across Europe in response to customer demand. Interxion will construct its third data centre in Madrid (“MAD3”), add a second data centre in Brussels (“BRU2”), and expand existing data centres in Amsterdam, Paris, Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Vienna. Interxion has also added to its land bank in Amsterdam and exercised its option to acquire the MAD3 property. Interxion will fund these expansion projects through a combination of existing and internally generated cash together with committed credit facilities. “The increased pace of cloud adoption combined with an improving economy in Europe continues to drive broad-based demand for our colocation services across our entire footprint,” said David Ruberg, Interxion’s Chief Executive Officer. “With continuing demand from multiple communities of interest, these investments will allow us to meet the needs of our expanding customer base by adding approximately 15,500 square metres of equipped space. When combined with previously announced expansion projects, Interxion now has active expansion projects across its entire 11 country footprint totalling over 33,000 square metres which will increase the Company’s equipped space by over 25% compared to the end of 3Q 2017.” In Amsterdam, Interxion will complete the remaining four phases of AMS8, totalling approximately 5,300 square metres (“sqm”) of equipped space and 10 megawatts (“MW”) of customer-available power when fully built out. The first two phases are scheduled to open in 4Q 2018 and the final two phases are scheduled to open in 1Q 2019. The capital expenditure associated with the remaining phases of AMS8 is expected to be approximately €63 million. In addition, Interxion has added to its land bank by acquiring approximately 22,000 sqm of land adjacent to AMS8 together with the associated power. In Paris, Interxion will complete the remainder of PAR7.2 by adding an additional 2,000 sqm of equipped space and 4 MW of customer available power as well as upgrading the existing PAR7 power infrastructure. The new space is scheduled to open in 1Q 2019. The capital expenditure associated with the incremental Paris expansion is expected to be approximately €44 million. In Vienna, in addition to the 1,600 sqm currently under construction and scheduled to be delivered by 3Q 2018, Interxion will add a further approximately 2,000 sqm scheduled for delivery by 3Q 2019. The capital expenditure associated with the incremental capacity is expected to be approximately €40 million. In Madrid, Interxion will construct its third data centre in a single 2,500 sqm phase with 5 MW of customer available power when fully built out. MAD3 is close to Interxion’s existing campus on land that Interxion intends to purchase in 1Q 2018 and is expected to open in 2Q 2019. MAD3 will be connected redundantly to the existing and proprietary campus fibre ring, providing access to over 80 carriers, ISPs, CDNs, and the ESpanix and DE-CIX Internet exchanges. Capital expenditures associated with MAD3, including the property purchase, is expected to be approximately €44 million. In Copenhagen, Interxion will expand CPH2, with 900 sqm scheduled to open in 2Q 2018 and 600 sqm in 1Q 2019. The capital expenditure associated with these builds in CPH2 is expected to be approximately €18 million. In Stockholm, Interxion will expand STO5 in two phases that will add approximately 400 sqm in 2Q 2018 and 800 sqm in 1Q 2019. The capital expenditure associated with the remaining phases of STO5 is expected to be approximately €18 million. In Brussels, Interxion will add BRU2 which includes approximately 1,000 sqm of equipped space and 1 MW of customer available power. The new facility is scheduled for availability in 1Q 2018, and connects directly via dedicated fibre to the existing facilities at BRU1, providing access to over 100 connectivity providers, and the BNIX, NL-ix, AMS-IX, LINX, and DE-CIX internet exchanges. Capital expenditures associated with BRU2 is expected to be approximately €3 million. A table with the details of the projects announced today is attached to this press release, and an updated chart providing a summary schedule of all recently completed and scheduled equipped space additions is available on Interxion’s IR website. About Interxion Interxion (NYSE:INXN) is a leading provider of carrier and cloud-neutral colocation data centre services in Europe, serving a wide range of customers through 48 data centres in 11 European countries. Interxion’s uniformly designed, energy efficient data centres offer customers extensive security and uptime for their mission-critical applications. With over 600 connectivity providers, 21 European Internet exchanges, and most leading cloud and digital media platforms across its footprint, Interxion has created connectivity, cloud, content and finance hubs that foster growing customer communities of interest. For more information, please visit

ServerMania Acts To Protect Server Hosting Customers From Spectre And Meltdown

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TORONTO, CANADA – ServerMania, a leading provider of cloud hosting and dedicated server hosting, is adopting security measures to protect its customers from the privacy and security risks posed by the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities. The company has also released an advisory urging dedicated server hosting customers to update server operating systems as soon as possible. Spectre and Meltdown are critical vulnerabilities that exploit flaws in processors manufactured by Intel, ARM, and AMD. These processors are used in almost every computing device, from servers to smartphones. The vulnerabilities can be exploited by an attacker able to run code on the affected machines, revealing sensitive data by bypassing the processor’s built-in protections. Microsoft and leading Linux distributions, including CentOS and Ubuntu, have released patches that mitigate the risk. Updating server operating systems to patched versions is the only way to protect server hosting customers and their users. “The Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities expose the vast majority of servers to the risk of compromise and data theft. It’s a huge problem, but the industry has reacted quickly to develop solutions that mitigate most of the risk,” explained ServerMania CEO, Kevin Blanchard, “At ServerMania, we are working with customers to secure servers across our cloud and hybrid server hosting ranges. Dedicated server hosting customers should update their servers as soon as possible.” Spectre and Meltdown can be exploited by anyone in a position to run code on a server. They are particularly hazardous for multi-tenant systems like the public cloud, which hosts several users on the same server. A malicious user could theoretically run code in a virtual machine they control and access data from the host environment and other virtual machines hosted on the same server. Spectre and Meltdown present a risk in any scenario that allows unvetted code to be run on a server. ServerMania offers a variety of infrastructure hosting options, including dedicated servers, hybrid servers, and public and private cloud platforms. The company is proactively patching its cloud and hybrid server platforms and is working with its customers to secure dedicated servers. About ServerMania ServerMania is a Canadian company with over 14 years of experience building high-performance infrastructure hosting platforms for businesses globally. ServerMania offers a wide range of fully customizable dedicated, hybrid, cloud, colocation and IP Transit services. Their mission is to empower clients by equipping them with fast, reliable, innovative infrastructure hosting while upholding a 100% network uptime SLA. This is assisted by a 24x7x365 rapid response team — one with some of the best response times in the industry. For more information, visit

ParkMyCloud Announces “SmartParking” For Automated Cloud Cost Optimization

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DULLES, VA – ParkMyCloud, the leading enterprise platform for continuous cost control in public cloud, announced today that it has released SmartParking(TM) for automated cloud cost optimization. The ParkMyCloud platform helps Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud customers save money on cloud resources by automatically integrating cost control into their DevOps processes. ParkMyCloud saves money by scheduling cloud resources to turn off when they are not needed – which they call “parking”. With the new SmartParking release, the ParkMyCloud platform will look for patterns in utilization data from AWS CloudWatch, and create recommend schedules for each instance to turn them off when they are typically idle. This minimizes idle time to maximize savings on cloud resources – saving customers 65% or more. “No other cloud management vendor is doing this,” said ParkMyCloud CTO Bill Supernor. “This new layer of automation takes cost optimization a step further than most tools go, from visibility to actionable, evidence-based scheduling, for maximized cost savings with minimal employee time needed to manage it.” Like an investment portfolio, users can choose to receive SmartParking schedules that are “conservative”, “balanced”, or “aggressive” — where conservative schedules protect all historic “on” times, while aggressive schedules prioritize maximum savings. “ParkMyCloud has helped my team save so much on our AWS bill already, and SmartParking will make it even easier,” said ParkMyCloud customer Tosin Ojediran, DevOps Engineer at a FinTech company. “The automatic schedules will save us time and make sure our instances are never running when they don’t need to be.” This release supports SmartParking for AWS resources, with near term plans to add Azure and Google Cloud SmartParking support as well. About ParkMyCloud ParkMyCloud is a SaaS platform that helps enterprises optimize their public cloud spend by integrating cost control into their DevOps processes and automatically reducing resource waste — think “Nest for the cloud”. ParkMyCloud has helped customers such as McDonald’s, Capital One, Unilever, Avid, and Sage Software dramatically cut their cloud bills by up to 65%, delivering millions of dollars in savings for customers using Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. For more information, visit

Facebook Video Ad Sequences: Converting by Addressing Objections

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Do you use Facebook video ads? Want them to be more effective? To explore how to use Facebook video ads to sell in a very creative way, I interview Tommie Powers. More About This Show The Social Media Marketing podcast is an on-demand talk radio show from Social Media Examiner. It’s designed to help busy [...] This post Facebook Video Ad Sequences: Converting by Addressing Objections first appeared on . - Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle

Leading from the Front: The Journey, Episode 12

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The Journey, a Social Media Examiner production, is an episodic video documentary that shows you what really happens inside a growing business. // Watch The Journey: Episode 12 Episode 12 of The Journey follows Michael Stelzner, founder of Social Media Examiner, as he continues to pursue what many will see as an impossible goal: to [...] This post Leading from the Front: The Journey, Episode 12 first appeared on . - Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle

20+ Blogging, Video, and Podcasting Predictions for 2018 From the Pros

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Are you interested in learning where video, blogging, and podcasting are heading in 2018? To find out what to watch for in the coming year, we reached out to expert creators and influencers to get their thoughts. #1: Creators Monetize With Cryptocurrencies Due to the low fees on many cryptocurrencies, they will become the transaction [...] This post 20+ Blogging, Video, and Podcasting Predictions for 2018 From the Pros first appeared on . - Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle

Codero Hosting Now a Member of the AWS Partner Network

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Overland Park, KS – Codero Holdings, Inc. (Codero), a leader in managed hosting services and technology enablement, today announced that it has joined the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network as a Standard Consulting Partner and Channel Reseller. AWS is a leading force for the IT industry, providing a flexible and affordable route to the cloud for organizations of all sizes. Managing AWS to maximize the benefits of using the platform for specific needs can be a challenge for companies who do not have in-house AWS expertise. With its many years of demonstrated expertise in hosting cloud solutions and its AWS-certified team members, Codero is well-positioned to help guide customers and ease their transition to AWS. “Working with AWS allows us to develop and deploy first-rate cloud services for companies of all sizes,” said John Martis, CEO of Codero. “Joining the AWS Partner Network further demonstrates our pledge to our customers to provide the highest performance and the best possible managed service options for the most optimum business outcomes.” About Codero Codero is a managed hosting and technology enabler that facilitates the adoption and use of advanced and custom cloud solutions. A provider of managed, dedicated, and hybrid multi-cloud services, backed by exceptional customer service, Codero serves over 3,500 customers worldwide. Codero offers a portfolio of custom hosting and technology solutions focused on the specific needs of small and medium businesses and community anchor institutions. Codero helps customers and partners live and thrive in the cloud. Learn more about Codero at

ColoHouse Expands Services, Broadens Global Footprint With Acquisition of Netrouting

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Miami, FL – ColoHouse Data Center, leading colocation provider and second most connected facility in Florida, announces the acquisition of one of their largest and longtime partners, Netrouting. Netrouting offers an extensive selection of colocation, managed cloud hosting, internet and metro services, as well as operates and owns two data centers in The Netherlands and several other Points of Presence in the US, Europe, and Asia. “Our customers have always been our best market indicators in terms of product development and market trends. At ColoHouse, we could not be more excited to be acquiring Netrouting and to provide modern-cloud based alternatives, hybrid colocation options world-wide, and a full suite of managed IT services, including hosting and bandwidth,” says ColoHouse CEO, Paul Bint. “our customer feedback positions us at the top of the market in terms of service and value with a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 73 in 2017. With the addition of Netrouting, we look forward to attracting more global customers with a full service offering paired with our world-class support.” Netrouting is a comprehensive internet service provider with offices in The Netherlands and Miami, FL. Netrouting offers hosting and internet services out of some of the most prestige cyber cities in the world, such as Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Miami, New York and Hong Kong. Started in 2007, CEO and Founder of Netrouting, Savvas Bout, was quickly able to adapt and grow his business across borders to stay competitive and innovative in the ever-evolving IT landscape. “I couldn’t be more thrilled,” says Netrouting CEO, Savvas Bout. “At Netrouting , we have always been about moving forward, about taking that next step. It is that ambition and drive that took us to expand globally – from Amsterdam to Stockholm, on to Miami and the rest of the world. The joining of our 2 companies will further strengthen our position as a global solutions provider and expand our reach into different markets.” Savvas Bout will be joining the ColoHouse team as Chief Technology Officer and his staff will also be joining the organization. The acquisition has been finalized and company integration plans will be executed over the course of 2018. About ColoHouse ColoHouse is leading provider of colocation services and is the second most connected facility in Florida. Focused on delivering quality infrastructure, services and support, Colohouse gives their customers the ability to allocate more resources toward their core business. Incorporated in 2007, ColoHouse strives to provide world-class support and top of the line facilities to ensure we can satisfy small businesses to global enterprises alike. About Netrouting Since founded in 2007, Netrouting has been committed to creating the new standard in the fast-evolving world of hosting. Over the years, Netrouting has grown into a premium hosting provider with datacenters in The Netherlands, Sweden and the United States. Netrouting’s goal has always been to make hosting accessible to everybody. With an experienced and knowledgeable team, Netrouting has been devoted to make technology work for their clients. Working every day to fulfill the mission critical IT demands and challenges of companies at a fair price.

Podcast Host Liberated Syndication Acquires Internet Host Pair Networks

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Pittsburgh, PA – Liberated Syndication, Inc. (OTCQB: LSYN) (“Libsyn”) announced today that it closed its acquisition of Internet hosting company Pair Networks, Inc. (Pair) on December 27, 2017. Libsyn paid $13.5 million in cash and issued 1,579,613 shares of restricted common stock valued at $2.5 million to acquire 100% of Pair. The combined businesses represented approximately $23 million in annual revenue and approximately $7 million in EBITDA for 2017. “We are very excited about the opportunities that come from combining these two great, long standing, Pittsburgh-based companies,” said Chris Spencer, Libsyn CEO. “We have tremendous confidence in Pair’s leadership and employees and we intend to fuel revenue growth for the combined entities through sales and marketing investment, cross selling new and existing hosting products and streamlining network computing infrastructure.” In order to finance the transaction, Liberated Syndication borrowed $10 million under a newly established Senior Secured Credit Facility (the “Bank Facility”) with First Commonwealth Bank, which also was closed on December 27, 2017. Borrowings under the Bank Facility are at variable rates which are, at the borrowers’ option. As of December 27, 2017, interest is set at LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate) plus 175 basis points, or 3.44%. Pittsburgh-based Capital Foundry, LLC acted as advisor to the Company and Arranger for the Bank Facility. As of December 31, 2017, the combined companies had approximately 82,000 monthly subscribers for hosting services. Management believes there are many cross selling opportunities including website and blog hosting services for podcasters, full-service WordPress solutions for website and blog development, domain name registration and hosting, as well as co-location hosting services for larger podcast networks, an area of significant potential growth in the podcasting industry. “Podcasts are expected to continue to grow in popularity and have become an integral part of brand strategy along with websites, blogs and social media outlets. Pair’s hosting, domain and WordPress offerings are the tools podcast producers look for to develop online strategies to extend their reach,” said Laurie Sims, Libsyn President. “Libsyn is often seen as a media company because of the type of content we host, but we are fundamentally a hosting platform. We have a lot of synergy with Pair and understand the monthly subscription business model. We are thrilled to add the Pair team, its reliable infrastructure and world class support they provide.” Additionally, Libsyn management believes there are growth opportunities to be had by capitalizing on Pair’s vast computing infrastructure, cloud based hosting services and utilizing Pair’s highly regarded customer support team. Focused cyber security services is another area of additional revenue growth potential given recent threats and limited expertise for small and medium-sized businesses. Management plans to host a shareholder conference call during the first quarter of 2018 to outline its plans for the combined companies in greater detail. About Liberated Syndication Liberated Syndication (Libsyn) is the world’s leading podcast hosting network and has been providing publishers with distribution and monetization services since 2004. In 2016 Libsyn delivered over 4.59 Billion downloads. We host over 3.2 Million media files for more than 35,000 podcasts, including typically around 35% of the top 200 podcasts in iTunes. Podcast producers choose Libsyn to measure their audience, deliver popular audio and video episodes, distribute their content through smartphone Apps (iOS, and Android), and monetize via premium subscription services and advertising. We are a Pittsburgh based company with a world-class team. Visit us on the web at About Pair Networks Pair Networks, founded in 1996, is one of the oldest and most experienced Internet hosting company providing a full range of fast, powerful and reliable Web hosting services. Pair offers a suite of Internet services from shared hosting to virtual private servers to customized solutions with world-class 24×7 on-site customer support. Based in Pittsburgh, Pair serves businesses, bloggers, artists, musicians, educational institutions and non-profit organizations around the world. Visit us on the web at Capital Foundry Capital Foundry, LLC, is a Pittsburgh-based investment bank with a focus on small to medium sized enterprises. The bedrock of Capital Foundry is the deep and varied experience of its people, and the businesses the leadership team has helped to grow and transform.

TierPoint Completes $13 Million New York Data Center Expansion

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ST. LOUIS, MO – TierPoint, a leading national provider of hybrid IT solutions, including cloud, colocation and managed services, announced today that it has completed an expansion of its Hawthorne, New York facility. The $13 million investment adds 13,500 sq. ft. of raised floor space and is the first phase of an expected multiphase expansion. The expanded facility, located outside New York City’s 12-mile blast zone and the 500-year flood zone, now includes over 65,000 sq. ft. of total raised floor data center space and more than 70,000 sq. ft. of customizable business continuity/private suite space, easily accessible for Connecticut, New York and New Jersey clients. “Our location, combined with the fact that we offer connectivity with ultra-low latency – a half-millisecond to Manhattan’s financial district – continues to fuel our growth and expansion,” said TierPoint Regional Vice President John Vernazza. Other facility features include dual factor, biometrical access control with around-the-clock onsite security; dual utility service feeds with onsite TierPoint controlled substations; independent AB power distribution; N+1 backup generators; 2N chilled water configuration with N+1 CRAH deployment; all designed for supporting up to 350 watts per square foot of raised floor. The site is carrier neutral with diverse fiber points of entry for redundancy. Like all TierPoint data centers, the Hawthorne facility meets compliance standards for HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GLBA and SSAE18, SOC 2 Type II. TierPoint also holds EU-US Privacy Shield certification and ITAR registration on a company-wide basis. About TierPoint With an unmatched combination of clients, facilities, solutions and service, TierPoint is a leading national provider of IT infrastructure, helping organizations drive performance and manage risk. The company has one of the largest customer bases in the industry, with over 5,000 clients ranging from the public to private sectors, from small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises. TierPoint also has one of the largest and most geographically diversified footprints in the nation, with 40 world-class data centers in 20 markets and 8 multi-tenant cloud pods, connected by a coast-to-coast network. The company offers a comprehensive solution portfolio of private, multitenant, hyperscale, and hybrid cloud, plus colocation, disaster recovery, security and other managed IT services. Led by a proven management team, TierPoint’s network of hundreds of highly experienced IT professionals offer local, white-glove customer service, seamlessly managing and customizing secure, agile infrastructure solutions that address each client’s unique needs.


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