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Instagram Location and Hashtag Stories, Pinterest Autoplay Video Ads, and New Twitter Direct Message Cards

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Welcome to this week’s edition of the Social Media Marketing Talk Show, a news show for marketers who want to stay on the leading edge of social media. On this week’s Social Media Marketing Talk Show with Erik Fisher, we explore Instagram location and hashtag stories with Peg Fitzpatrick, autoplay video ads on Pinterest with [...] This post Instagram Location and Hashtag Stories, Pinterest Autoplay Video Ads, and New Twitter Direct Message Cards first appeared on . - Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle

A Beginner’s Guide to Dropshipping Products from China

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Dropshipping is a unique form of business online that takes advantage of a variety of services available to you as an entrepreneur, to run a storefront without needing to keep inventory. It’s sort of like a cross between retail sales and affiliate marketing. How Dropshipping Works At the most basic level, dropshipping is simply buying an item and reselling it. However, it’s not buying on speculation; you’re not buying 500 of an item and then listing it on eBay and hoping all 500 sell. The reasons you don’t want to do that are pretty simple. First of all, it’s a sizable up-front investment. If the product you buy costs you $5 per unit, that’s $2,500 you have to pay up front. Then you have to pay to have them all shipped to your house, or whatever storage warehouse you set up for it. You have to have the space to store them, and you have to keep track of your inventory. Then you have to sell them for more than $5 plus the cost of shipping and storage. To make a per-unit profit you need to sell for something like $10. If they all sell, you get $5,000, for a $2,500 profit minus the cost of shipping and storage. That’s just the thing, though; what if they don’t all sell? I’ve seen stories time and again of people who think this is a viable business model, and end up with hundreds or thousands of units of some gimmicky fad product sitting in their garage, taking up space and embodying the sunk cost fallacy. With dropshipping, you cut out every single one of those flaws. What you do is set up a website with the products you want to sell, at the prices you would need to sell them to make a profit. When a customer comes and orders one of them, you turn around and place the order with the wholesaler who produces the item. You pass along the money and the shipping information, and wash your hands of it. It’s up to the wholesaler to keep their own inventory. It’s up to them to fulfill the order, shipping the item to the right place and on time. The only thing you might have to handle is a customer service issue. Why Dropshipping Works You might ask yourself; if you can buy an item for $5 from a wholesaler or $10 from a dropshipper, why would you ever buy it from the dropshipper? Why does dropshipping even work in the first place? The truth is, there are a few reasons for this. Some wholesalers don’t do single order business. They work with dropshippers because the dropshippers can be relied upon to send tens, hundreds, or thousands of orders per month. Individual sales require a lot more tracking and infrastructure, meaning more investment, meaning less profits for the wholesaler. Some wholesalers don’t bother to make themselves available to the general public. One of the hardest parts of starting a dropshipping business is making connections with wholesalers. You have to identify a product you want to sell, you have to find a wholesaler that produces it, and you need to make a deal with them. Wholesalers are generally difficult to locate due to little or no web presence; it’s hard for a dropshipper to locate and impossible for the average consumer. Some wholesalers don’t care to do the marketing themselves. Remember where I said dropshipping is sort of like affiliate marketing? Your primary job as a dropshipper is to do the marketing to get the sales of the product rolling. The wholesaler doesn’t want to do the marketing themselves; if they did, they wouldn’t need you. However, don’t take this all to mean that dropshipping is sunshine and rainbows. Much like affiliate marketing, due to the low cost of entry, it’s a very crowded industry. As such, just about any product worth selling has a dozen people selling it already, and your profit margins are going to be slim. The example of selling a $5 product for $10 is an impossible dream; most of the time you’ll be selling your $5 product for $5.50. Your true profits come in the form of extreme volume, not in individual pricing. Appropriate Sourcing of Wholesalers Since your profits come from selling while being average or below market price, you might be tempted to source cheaper versions of the products. This is why there are $40 counterfeit purses made to look superficially like $400 purses. It’s also why people buy items for $1 from Chinese manufacturers rather than for $5 from American manufacturers. There’s nothing wrong with this approach, but it does have some unique pitfalls compared to sourcing your products domestically. The products might not be as high quality. The reputation for cheap quality products made in China is not a joke. There are some high quality manufacturers there, but often the ones willing to work with dropshippers are working with the lowest quality sources, the least quality control, and the worst blueprints and designs. You have to do a lot of searching to find a wholesaler that isn’t going to provide you with poor quality products. For the record, I’m not just talking about “the stitching is off in this handbag” here. I’m talking about cheap electronics that don’t adhere to modern design codes and that can literally be deathtraps. That’s the sort of issue you might come across with certain types of products. Even if they don’t kill someone, they can still cause a lot of customer service issues when people get different models or different colors of items form what they had wanted. The shipping costs might be exorbitant. Have you ever paid to have something shipped from China? Often times, the shipping can be as much as the product, if the product was cheap enough to begin with. International shipping is not a joke; it can be excessive for small products. The ability to communicate with the wholesaler is often lost. Do you speak Chinese? If you do, good, you’re ahead of the pack and can probably make some good deals with some good manufacturers. If you don’t, though, chances are you’re going to have a hard time of it. Communicating across an international barrier in a language you don’t know is extremely difficult, and it’s even worse with China and their national Firewall. The most successful China-based dropshippers I know are people who actually lived in China for years before moving back to their home countries to start their businesses. They made connections in person, they didn’t try to do it with broken Google Translate emails. Items might get stuck in customs. The other thing about shipping from China is import customs. Depending on how the item is shipped, what it’s packaged in, what substances were rubbed on it from other passing boxes, what the customs official feels like that day, and what the weather was, your items might get stuck in customs for days or weeks. I’ve heard tales of individual items stuck for months. They are generally released, but often not without damage. Even if there’s no damage to the item, there’s damage to your customer relationship, as they wait for what should be shipped in five days only to arrive a month later. It’s also possible that the package is rejected and returned to China, the order cancelled. Do you have a contingency plan for dealing with this situation? You often have to pay an import tax. Pretty much every country has an import tax on goods coming from China. Some countries have steeper taxes than others. Malaysia, for example, has some extreme import rules. The UK has some strict rules as well, and they might change radically when the whole Brexit situation shakes out. Worse, sometimes dropshippers or wholesalers try to declare the items as a gift rather than a commercial good. Gifts are not subject to import taxes, but they’re also generally not expected to be numbering in the thousands. It’s really easy to get caught in this situation, and then either your business relationship folds or someone has to eat a pretty steep penalty. Chances are it’s not going to be the wholesaler, either. Some shady wholesalers fold overnight, leaving your business lost. It’s not uncommon for entire factories to up and disappear overnight in China. Sometimes it’s due to a massive explosion, sometimes it’s the CEO of the factory bailing with their money, and sometimes you’ll never know the real story. The company you’re relying on to fulfill your business orders can disappear without notice and you’re left with customer orders unfulfilled, products that can’t be purchased, and a business that can go nowhere. As with most kinds of freelance entrepreneurship, diversification is important. You want to avoid ending up in a situation where one company folding over and disappearing won’t make you do the same. However, it’s a lot harder to pull this off with Chinese warehouses than it is with domestic versions of the same. Chinese wholesales often sell via AliExpress, eBay, and Amazon. This is perhaps one of the biggest issues you’ll come across. Not only are you competing with other dropshippers to sell your products; you’re often competing directly with the wholesalers as well. Chinese wholesalers often create accounts on these kinds of sites to sell their products directly. Worse, sometimes they set up frontmen in countries like the UK and US, so the shipping address appears domestic and to avoid some of the steeper import taxes. Essentially, they’re just doing what you want to do, but doing it better, with more resources behind it. Essentially, you just need to do an absolute ton of legwork to find a good wholesaler for products you want to sell. You need to: Make sure to get samples of what you’re looking to sell before you begin to carry the product, to make sure it’s something you’re confident to represent. Make sure to find wholesalers willing to ship small orders; it’s faster and costs less overall. Make sure you’re paying via a method like Trade assurance or PayPal, where you as the buyer have more protections against potential overseas fraud. Make sure the products you’re offering are not poor counterfeits. There’s a business there, but it’s technically illegal and you can be shut down by a C&D from the real brand at any time. Meanwhile, you have to consider some of the intricacies of international shipping and Chinese buying. Avoid products that are large, bulky, fragile, or otherwise potentially damageable in shipping. Small, sturdy products do the best. Avoid products that are extremely branded. When was the last time you personally purchased an off-brand toothbrush or other personal care item? Would you trust a skin cream produced in China? Avoid products that are extremely common. Sure, maybe there’s some good money to be made in a certain type of toy, but if there are 25 major websites already selling them, do you have the marketing chops to compete? Oh, and avoid buying into paid lists of “exclusive” suppliers. They’re not exclusive and, since they already know you paid for the connection, they know you’ll pay higher prices for the items. I’m not saying you can’t make a good business based on dropshipping items from China. All I’m saying is that it’s going to be harder than you expect, and that you have to be willing to be persistent and to deal with some setbacks. If you’re determined to get into dropshipping, it might be better to stick with domestic production until you have more experience. The post A Beginner’s Guide to Dropshipping Products from China appeared first on Growtraffic Blog.

Infortrend Launches 2U 25-bay High Density Storage EonStor GS 3025B to Boost Data Center Efficiency

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TAIPEI, Taiwan – Infortrend® Technology, Inc. (TWSE: 2495) today announced the availability of the EonStor GS 3025B storage system with a new 2U 25-bay small form factor design. This storage enables users to optimize data center footprint and energy efficiency, in addition to providing unified storage consolidating file, block, and object services with native cloud gateway features. Packing 25 2.5″ drives in a 2U enclosure, EonStor GS 3025B provides more capacity and requires less footprint and power consumption compared to the SFF storage that houses 24 2.5″ drives in a system. EonStor GS 3025B is the second 2U 25-bay storage Infortrend has recently launched, following its all flash storage “EonStor GS 3025A”, which provides more than 740K IOPS for random reads and less than 0.5 millisecond response time. For users trying to balance budget and performance, EonStor GS 3025B is a good choice with its support for hybrid SSD/HDD configuration, SSD cache and automated storage tiering features. Additionally, integrating file, block, and object services in one system with cloud gateway features, EonStor GS 3025B enables users to tap into cost-effective flexibility and infinite scalability of cloud storage. It also has a special screwless tray design that makes drive installation and system maintenance quick and easy. All these benefits make EonStor GS 3025B the ideal storage choice to boost data center efficiency. “Infortrend is committed to designing storage specifically targeting high speed and high density demands. The two 2U 25-bay small form factor solutions “EonStor GS 3025A all flash storage” and “EonStor GS 3025B” perfectly prove our commitment,” said Thomas Kao, Senior Director of Product Planning at Infortrend. About Infortrend Infortrend (TWSE: 2495) has been developing and manufacturing storage solutions since 1993. With a strong emphasis on in-house design, testing, and manufacturing, Infortrend storage delivers performance and scalability with the latest standards, user friendly data services, personal after-sales support, and unrivaled value. For more Information, please visit

Atlantic.Net Announces Windows Server Container Support in the Cloud

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ORLANDO, FL – Leading cloud hosting provider Atlantic.Net today announced support for Windows Server Containers, which enables Windows users to package applications into images that can be run on any Windows 2016 server. Users can now deploy and scale their Windows Server Containers across Atlantic.Net’s Cloud Servers, making it one of the first highly redundant cloud hosting providers to do so. Atlantic.Net’s container support eliminates the “it works on my machine” problem once and for all. Package dependencies with your apps in Docker containers, for portability and predictability during development, testing, and deployment. Additionally, isolating your apps in containers helps eliminate conflicts, enhance security, and makes it easy to scale your deployments as needed. Windows Server 2016, the latest Windows Server offering from Microsoft, along with Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2008, are all available on Cloud Servers from Atlantic.Net. The company is one of the first to offer Windows container support, specifically for Docker, a full development platform for creating containerized apps. “This is a major announcement that will definitely cause a ripple effect across the industry – specifically amongst developers. Most developers today move their applications and development environments around tirelessly. They need a cloud that is easy to use, ‘on-demand’ or self-service (i.e. they can provision the actual servers themselves),” said Marty Puranik, CEO of Atlantic.Net. “Developers can go to a traditional hosting provider, sign a contract and theoretically move the environments between servers they contracted for. Instead, with our offering, developers can now do this without having to sign a contract or talking to anyone. Essentially, we’re significantly expediting the process for developers to reap the benefits of containers without any long-term commitment whatsoever.” Erin Chapple, General Manager for Windows Server, Microsoft Corp. said, “Atlantic.Net’s support for Windows Server Containers in their cloud platform brings additional choice and options for our joint customers in search of flexible and innovative cloud services.” The Windows Server 2016 is a solid solution for customers needing power and speed to run applications remotely. Atlantic.Net Cloud Server clients can test the new tools offered by the Windows 2016 operating system and pay via a usage model on a per-hour basis, without having to incur additional licensing costs. Atlantic.Net’s Windows Cloud Hosting plans start at only $0.0208 per hour (or $14 per month), with usage calculated on a per hour basis. For a limited time, Atlantic.Net is offering $50 of free credits with promo code ‘WinContainer50’ for all new clients and 3TBs or more of outbound data transfer is included with every server. About Atlantic.Net Atlantic.Net is a global web hosting provider with over 23 years of experience, specializing in Windows, Linux and FreeBSD server hosting. Atlantic.Net provides developer-friendly cloud hosting with a focus on simplifying the experience for users. Additionally, Atlantic.Net offers fully managed environments and security and compliance focused solutions across all its hosting facilities in San Francisco, New York, London, Toronto, Dallas and Orlando. With a range of certifications and an SSAE 16 (SOC 1) TYPE II (Formerly SAS 70) audited data centers that the company owns and operates, the company is also known for its reliability, as dictated by its 100 percent uptime service-level agreement (SLA).

Cloudwords’ New Drupal 8 Integration Accelerates Localization for Multilingual Websites

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Cloudwords, a software provider for global content localization, today announced the availability of Cloudwords for Drupal 8, a faster, easier solution for enterprise organizations to create, deliver, and manage multilingual Drupal websites. Cloudwords’ integration for Drupal 8 delivers a fully automated workflow to accelerate the process of translating Drupal websites and digital content for global markets, making it easier for companies to engage international customers in their native languages. “In keeping with our deep integrations to Web Content Management, Content Management Systems, and Marketing Automation platforms, our Drupal 8 connector is the latest example of Cloudwords building integrations that speed and scale a company’s global marketing engagements with personalized experiences in any language,” said Richard Harpham, CEO, Cloudwords. “The Cloudwords for Drupal integration has been a valuable solution for us. We use Cloudwords to localize and manage content for seven multilingual websites. The ability to move content in-and-out of Drupal, and workflow the content to translation agencies, has saved us a lot of time. Thinking ahead to the future, we’re looking forward to using Cloudwords’ integration for Drupal 8, which will include better multilingual support and an improved authoring and editing experience for our content authors,” said Sarah Wiesbrock, Sr. Manager of Web Marketing at Synchronoss. Drupal is the leading platform for web content management among global enterprises, and Drupal version 8 is one of the few open source web content management systems to embrace content globalization at a core level by offering multilingual support. However, website translation at scale is still challenging. For enterprises that need websites localized in 20+ languages, managing the translation process for content changes and adding new localized sites is time consuming and error prone. Cloudwords’ Drupal 8 integration alleviates these challenges. Through Cloudwords’ deep integration to Drupal 8, the entire localization process is automated, enabling organizations to localize more sites, more pages, more frequently and with higher quality than any other approach or technology. Cloudwords for Drupal 8 customers benefit from Cloudwords’ powerful project management capabilities; easy-to-use OneReview in-context review capability; enhanced visibility into project status; and improved collaboration across departments, teams, and vendors to enable project completion more efficiently and in less time. In addition to Drupal 8, Cloudwords offers native integrations with the most popular Web Content Management Systems, including Adobe Experience Manager, Oracle WebCenter, Sitecore, WordPress, SDL Web, Umbraco and Veeva Vault. Visit to learn more about the benefits and efficiency-creating advantages of using Cloudwords to create and manage multilingual websites, or schedule a consultation with a Cloudwords representative. About Cloudwords Cloudwords software speeds time to market for global campaigns and localized content. By connecting marketing systems and automating project workflow, Cloudwords eliminates time-consuming tasks and delivers unprecedented visibility into the localization process. With Cloudwords, marketers realize the global value of their marketing technology stack, enabling the delivery of more personalized content, in more languages, to more customers at a speed, quality and scale impossible to achieve with manual processes.

Data Resolution Launches ISV Partner Program for AWS Marketplace

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SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, CA – Data Resolution, an award-winning global AWS partner, proudly announces the launch of an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Partner Program for the Amazon Web Services Marketplace. Data Resolution, the company to release the first ever product listing of SharePoint Enterprise and suite of Microsoft Dynamics in the AWS Marketplace, helps on-premises software companies make its applications available on the world’s largest public cloud marketplace. “Through our experience bringing complex enterprise products to the AWS Marketplace, we are proud to have developed an expertise in helping software companies make its software ‘AWS Marketplace-ready’ at a fraction of the cost of doing it themselves,” says Jim Pathman, CEO of Data Resolution. “Not only does this reduce risk and go-to-market expenses, but when you join Data Resolution’s ISV Partner Program, you can gain another source of revenue by adapting your software and applications to the AWS cloud and making them available on a pay-per-use, global basis — drastically reducing your cost of customer acquisition.” Data Resolution’s first ISV partnership with Nintex launched on the AWS Marketplace March of this year. SharePoint 2016 on Nintex allows you to tackle everything from basic business functions to company-wide processes with a few clicks – no coding necessary. With Nintex, SharePoint users can easily build entire workflows through an intuitive, browser-based, drag-and-drop workflow designer. Nintex is Data Resolution’s first of many ISV partnerships. Data Resolution offers four ISV partner programs – tailored to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes: Full Partnership – A traditional partnership model; costs and revenue are split 50/50 with Data Resolution. Data Resolution operates as the seller of record and provides all support and maintenance. Data Resolution will work with ISVs to set the price and the margin is split post-costs. Reseller Option 1 – Great for companies interested in co-funding marketing but not development. The ISV sells to Data Resolution at best wholesale price and Data Resolution will set the resale price. The ISV partner matches co-marketing funds up to $25,000 for launch and then future commitments are reviewed quarterly. Data Resolution will provide provisioning, microsites, and management of the product, as well as support and maintenance. Reseller Option 2 – Great for hands-off companies who just want to be listed in the AWS Marketplace. The ISV sells to Data Resolution at the best wholesale price and Data Resolution chooses the resale price. Data Resolution is the seller of record, funds marketing entirely, and provides support and maintenance, provisioning, microsites, and management of the product. Customized: Build Your Own – Because Data Resolution believes there is no one-size-fits-all, their fourth program is completely customizable. If none of the other partner models fit your needs, Data Resolution will work with ISVs to create a custom agreement. The experts in business applications on AWS, Data Resolution is an award-winning Microsoft partner and offers ISVs an understanding of cloud architecture and security, and of Microsoft licensing and reporting. This allows ISVs to bring their technology solutions to the AWS Marketplace easily, quickly and without hassle or wasted resources. The program allows ISVs to focus their time and resources on the development of new products and revenue growth. Learn more about Data Resolution’s ISV Partner Program for AWS by visiting: ISV Partner Program for AWS Marketplace About Data Resolution Data Resolution LLC is an award-winning global Microsoft provider of managed technology solutions and has been named the Microsoft Dynamics Hoster of The Year for three consecutive years. Data Resolution supports businesses of all sizes and offers a wide range of services includes software hosting (SaaS), managed virtual environments, business continuity solutions, Cloud computing, and advanced data center services. With five global SSAE16- Type 2 certified data centers, Data Resolution delivers best in class Microsoft ERP, CRM, Unified Communications, Messaging, Portals, and Collaboration solutions. Our solutions span many industries including financial services, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and professional services.

Serverfarm to Present at MCDC Expo

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CHICAGO – Serverfarm, LLC (SFR), one of the nation’s most innovative, privately owned data center developers and operators, announces today that its Chief Business Officer, Steve Manos, will speak at MCDC Expo, taking place May 31–June 2, 2017 at the Marriot Renaissance Schaumburg in Chicago. MCDC Expo is an exclusive event that converges executives from throughout the data center industry to share their knowledge and experience, get introduced to the latest innovations, and hear from industry thought-leaders about the challenges, solutions and technologies shaping the future of colocation. On Friday, June 2 at 8:15 a.m., Mr. Manos will present, “From Scotty to Kirk: How to Help Your Crew Get Out of the Engine Room.” During this session, Mr. Manos will provide attendees with an insider perspective on how to shape and guide staff leadership, as well as ways to empower various team members to scale the corporate ladder. As the data center industry grows increasingly complex, participants will learn how to navigate industry hierarchy, identify specific goals within their team and identify each staff’s level of success. “Empowering your leadership team is a key step to enabling organizational success in the data center industry,” explains Mr. Manos. “I’m looking forward to sharing my experience on this subject with MCDC Expo attendees to help them achieve their unique goals and objectives.” Serverfarm’s North American data center portfolio consists of seven facilities. Its data centers are in Moses Lake, WA; Chicago, IL; Charlotte, NC; King of Prussia, PA; Oak Brook, IL; and Toronto, ON. For more information about Serverfarm, visit About Serverfarm Server Farm is a unique data center company whose mission is to maximize data center and IT infrastructure efficiencies by providing a holistic approach to building, integrating and managing data center environment and IT deployments. They provide complete data center oversight from facility to IT infrastructure management, which enables our customers to concentrate on growing their businesses.

Local Social Media Marketing With Facebook and Instagram

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How do you promote your business locally? Are you using Facebook and Instagram? To explore how to reach a local customer base on social media, I interview Bruce Irving. More About This Show The Social Media Marketing podcast is an on-demand talk radio show from Social Media Examiner. It’s designed to help busy marketers and [...] This post Local Social Media Marketing With Facebook and Instagram first appeared on . - Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle

Social Media Metrics: How to Choose and Track What Matters

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Interested in building a dashboard to track key social media metrics? Wondering which data and metrics to include? With a little strategic planning on the front end, you can select and track meaningful metrics that relate to your business goals. In this article, you’ll discover which metrics to track and how to organize them into [...] This post Social Media Metrics: How to Choose and Track What Matters first appeared on . - Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle

Supermicro Announces Sample Systems Based on Upcoming Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable Family

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SAN JOSE, CA – Super Micro Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ: SMCI), a global leader in compute, storage and networking technologies including green computing, has announced plans to offer their next generation, X11 product family based on the Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable Family (codename Skylake). The systems, scheduled for mid-2017, will be targeted at key enterprise, cloud and hyperscale datacenters and key channel and distribution partners worldwide. Supermicro will be previewing these systems at SAP Sapphire on May 17th, Computex starting May 30 and at International Super Computing 2017 on June 19 and via sample solutions available today. The next generation, X11 SuperServer® and SuperBlade® will be a complete redesign of the industry’s broadest portfolio of server and storage systems with availability targeted for mid-2017. The X11 designs are specifically optimized to meet the maximum CPU power envelope, memory performance, FPGA support and CPU interconnect capacity of the Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable Family (codename Skylake). Available in 1U/2U rack mount, multi-node Twin and Blade form factors, the X11 family will provide industry leading storage and I/O performance and manageability with comprehensive All-Flash and Hybrid NVMe SSD designs, including support for Intel® Optane™ SSDs, supports 100G/40G/25G/10G/1G Ethernet, EDR/100G IB and Intel® Omni-Path Architecture and supports open management architecture including Redfish and Intel® Rack Scale Design. Featuring Titanium level 96% efficient power supplies, the X11 datacenter servers are optimized for both performance and power efficiency. “We are committed to being first to market with the latest innovations. We are excited to preview our X11 Ultra, TwinPro™, BigTwin™, SuperBlade® and many more new designs based on the new Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable Family processors with CPUs that can provide up to 3.9x higher virtualized throughput,” said Charles Liang, President and CEO of Supermicro. “One example is our 2U 4 Node BigTwin™ which delivers support for more DIMMS, 6 NVMe and dual processors per node to provide maximum performance.” The 1U, X11 Ultra SuperServer® will support the Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable Family with dual CPUs, NVMe or SATA3 or SAS3 2.5 inch drives for maximum storage access. The Ultra SuperServers will support redundant Titanium Level, digital, power supplies for maximum energy efficiency and business agility. Also supported will be 100G/40G/25G/10G/1G Ethernet, EDR/FDR/QDR IB and Intel® Omni-Path Architecture fabric. The 2U, fifth generation, X11 BigTwin™ will use Supermicro’s breakthrough Twin architecture that provides massively improved performance-per-watt, per-dollar, and per-square-foot. A complete system for highest product quality, delivery, and performance, the BigTwin™ is supported by Supermicro IPMI/SSM software and Global Services and is optimized for data center, multi-cloud, HPC and enterprise environments. The new 8U SuperBlade® enclosure can support up to 20 2-socket blade servers or up to 10 4-socket blade servers, (up to 100 servers per 42U rack). It provides for up to 2 TB memory and includes 2.5″ Hot-Plug SAS/SATA HDDs/SSDs and NVMe drives and M.2 storage options. The enclosure can accommodate 100G EDR InfiniBand or 100G Omni-Path switch, 1G,10G, 25G Ethernet switches and Chassis Management Module (CMM) and up to 8x 2200W Titanium Level (96%) power supplies. About Super Micro Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ: SMCI) Supermicro® (NASDAQ: SMCI), the leading innovator in high-performance, high-efficiency server technology is a premier provider of advanced server Building Block Solutions® for Data Center, Cloud Computing, Enterprise IT, Hadoop/Big Data, HPC and Embedded Systems worldwide. Supermicro is committed to protecting the environment through its “We Keep IT Green®” initiative and provides customers with the most energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly, solutions available on the market. For more information, please visit

Registration for the 2017 cPanel Conference Opens, and Jonathan Coulton Will Perform

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HOUSTON, TX – The 2017 cPanel Conference will be in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on September 26th – 27th, 2017. The price of a ticket includes three evening events, in addition to two days full of technical talks. We are excited to announce that Tuesday evening’s event will be focused on celebrating 20 Years of cPanel®, and will include an evening of entertainment from the singer-songwriter and internet phenomenon Jonathan Coulton. JoCo, as he is known to his fans, has spent the last 12 years spreading joy through songs like “Still Alive”, “Code Monkey”, “I feel Fantastic”, and “Re: Your Brains”. His clever and amusing take on almost everything is aimed specifically at people who code and work in technology. “We wanted to bring in someone that we knew would be a hit specifically among the crowd that we will see in Florida this year,” said Ken Power, Vice President of Product Development at cPanel. Registration is now open for the conference, and attendees can register at the 50% off early-bird rate until June 14th. More information about the conference is available on the cPanel conference site, For business inquiries, email Since 1997, cPanel has been delivering the web hosting industry’s most reliable and intuitive web hosting automation software. The robust automation software helps businesses thrive and allows them to focus on more important things. Customers and partners receive first-class support and a rich feature set, making cPanel & WHM® the hosting platform of choice. For more information about cPanel, visit

Peak 10 Study Reveals Hybrid IT Is No Longer a Transition Strategy, But a Calculated Business Choice

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Peak 10, a hybrid IT infrastructure provider, offering colocation, interconnection, cloud and managed IT services, today announced the results of its Peak 10 Hybrid IT Study: A Solid Business Case for Mixed Infrastructure. The study, which includes responses from more than 200 U.S.-based IT decision makers managing hybrid environments for their organization’s infrastructure, was commissioned by Peak 10 and Microsoft. It measured where leading IT decision makers and executives stand on several key issues surrounding the adoption and momentum behind hybrid IT infrastructure strategies that include a mix of on-premise, colocation and cloud environments. Hybrid IT, defined in this study as infrastructure located both on-premise and in the cloud or co-located, has long been perceived as a transition strategy for organizations wishing to explore the integration of cloud or third-party solutions. However, Peak 10’s study reveals an overwhelming number of businesses are choosing hybrid IT as a preferred choice and deliberate business decision that makes sense for a variety of reasons including security, cost and workload requirements, among others. “Based upon the feedback we receive from our customers, we anticipated some of the high-level findings of the survey – particularly that more and more businesses feel a hybrid approach to IT infrastructure is increasingly critical to the long-term health and success of the business,” said Mike Fuhrman, CTO at Peak 10. “For nearly two decades, we have been assisting companies in formulating and executing their unique IT strategies. We look forward to continuing this track record and helping organizations find the right mix of hybrid solutions that they need to minimize cost, remain secure and enable their growth.” Peak 10’s study reveals statistics and information that address the following questions: What are the reasons IT decision makers utilize hybrid IT environments? What are the biggest challenges decision makers are facing with hybrid IT environments? How are IT decision makers planning to allocate their IT infrastructures across colocation, cloud and on-premise environments in the future? How much of their IT infrastructure currently resides on-premise, or in a colocation or cloud environment? Why are some organizations still choosing to host some workloads on-premise? What workloads are being placed on-premise, in the cloud or in a colocation environment? How would decision makers choose to structure their IT infrastructure if they could start over, with no restrictions? Do IT decision makers think that a hybrid IT infrastructure contributes to cost savings? What level of influence do partners have on an organization’s IT infrastructure and hybrid IT strategy? To learn more or download the complete Peak 10 Hybrid IT Study: A Solid Business Case for Mixed Infrastructure, visit Peak 10 enables enterprises to meet current and future business challenges through advanced hybrid IT infrastructure. With a footprint of high power density, interconnected data centers, its customers can connect to networks across the company’s entire portfolio of properties to gain access to an array of services, including direct access to cloud, SaaS platforms, and more. “We only have six co-located servers, the rest are in cloud. The cost/benefit was greater to set it up that way,” said Steve Kilcran, CFO/CIO at AccentFX, a performance marketing and customer data analytics company and Peak 10 customer. “I’m only managing six servers, and Peak 10 does the rest, so it’s much easier to manage.” About Peak 10 Peak 10 empowers today’s enterprises to meet current and future business challenges through advanced hybrid IT infrastructure. Many of the world’s largest businesses trust Peak 10 to deliver secure, compliant and flexible IT infrastructure through its colocation, interconnection, cloud and managed IT solutions that give enterprises the freedom to use just one provider to perform faster, manage risk, and stay competitive as their industries evolve. With an operational footprint of more than 890,000 square feet and growing, Peak 10 connects multiple data centers to an ecosystem of solutions, delivering IT business services and enabling customers to connect on a global basis. Peak 10’s nearly two decades of history, committed technical support staff and 100% SLA underscore the steadfast reliability of its solutions. Its industry-leading NPS score reflects its commitment to helping its thousands of customers meet the stringent compliance requirements of regulatory and industry standards.

Canadian Web Hosting Introduces Virtual Private Server Plans with Built-in Disaster Recovery Services

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VANCOUVER, BC – Canadian Web Hosting, the leading provider of Canadian web hosting, cloud hosting and infrastructure services in Canada, announced today the release of their new Virtual Private Server Plans with built-in disaster recovery called VPS SAFE. These new plans offer customers true business continuity across Canada at a fraction of the cost of traditional disaster recovery systems and help prevent local outages and interruptions to business applications and websites. Moreover, these new disaster recovery plans can be added in just a few clicks and make it easier than ever to have true disaster recovery. Canadian Web Hosting’s new VPS SAFE plans work by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to learn customers data patterns and maximize data protection by seamlessly moving data between data center locations and helping to prevent data loss. The new plans utilize enterprise-ready virtualization from VMware and Veeam’s replication technology that run on top of Canadian Web Hosting’s highly available, SSAE 16 compliant infrastructure. These new VPS SAFE plans deliver high-performance and scalable servers with recovery and data-loss avoidance to ensure guaranteed recovery of files, applications, and VMs. Anytime you upgrade, or modify your plan, your disaster recovery plan changes with it automatically. Upon signup, Canadian Web Hosting will automatically enable disaster recovery on the designated VPS SAFE plan and enable disaster recovery to a secondary location of the customers choosing. Once Disaster Recovery is turned on that server begins replicating to the customer’s remote site, and will remain in continuous sync indefinitely, turned off only when it is disabled by the user. Canadian Web Hosting’s flexible data center locations options including locations that meet Canada’s privacy requirements including Toronto and Vancouver, as well as secondary sites like Dallas that can give customers further geographic flexibility. By default, Canadian Web Hosting’s implements a standard Recovery Point Objective of 15 minutes for all new plans but offers additional flexibility by giving customers options for replication including real-time continuous replication for the most stringent RPO and RTO requirements helping to minimize any potential data loss with no need for slow or expensive hardware systems. Customers can signup for Canadian Web Hosting’s new VPS SAFE plans today start at $15.00 per month. Learn more by visiting or by phone at 888-821.7888. About Canadian Web Hosting Since 1998, Canadian Web Hosting has been providing on-demand hosting solutions that include Shared hosting, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Servers, and IT as a Service for Canadian companies of all sizes. Canadian Web Hosting is SSAE 16 Type II SOC 1 certified ensuring that their processes and business practices are thoroughly audited against industry standards. Canadian Web Hosting guarantees a 100% network uptime, and a total money back guarantee that backs everything they do.

Media3 Launches Managed Azure Services

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BOSTON – Media3, a global leader in managed cloud solutions for the enterprise, today announced full managed services for the Azure public cloud in over 100 datacenters. Media3 Azure utilizes the cloud platform and Media3’s extensive suite of managed services, software, tools and experience to get customers up and running in their new Azure environments quickly and securely. “By leveraging our existing partnerships with Microsoft, Adobe, cPanel, Smartertools and many others, we’re able to bring you the full power of the Microsoft Azure Network in a single turn-key solution,” says Steve Rodden, Media3 COO. “Our entire team is excited to add Azure to our cloud platform portfolio.” According to Media3, these newly released Azure services includes these benefits: Instant Setup 24x7x365 monitoring, alerting, response and resolution support Simplified Control Panel features Global load-balancing options Customized plans to meet security and compliance requirements Flexible billing Industry leading Service Level Agreements (SLA) By rapidly supporting Azure, Media3 is keeping with its commitment to provide the most up to date solutions as they are available. Media3’s network of worldwide resellers and partners will benefit as well with the ability to resell and bundle Azure based accounts. About Media3 Headquartered in Pembroke, MA, Media3 Technologies, LLC is one of the largest private web and application hosting providers in the world. Recognized as an industry leader, they are widely acclaimed for innovative technology and exceptional customer service.

How to Run an Instagram Story Takeover

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Want to reach more people with your Instagram stories? Have you considered hosting an Instagram Story takeover to grow a larger following? Collaborating with highly engaged Instagram users will introduce their followers to your content. In this article, you’ll discover how to plan and execute an Instagram Story takeover. What’s an Instagram Story Takeover? Instagram [...] This post How to Run an Instagram Story Takeover first appeared on . - Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle

Featured Snippets: New Insights, New Opportunities

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Research reveals new insights into how featured snippets work This new study documents a never before made connection between featured snippets and regular snippets in the search results, as well as a new way to recognize when your site is competing for a featured snippet. I’m also going to detail an advanced process for obtaining featured snippets. Finally, I’m also publishing our latest data on the penetration of knowledge boxes and featured snippets in the search results. The importance of featured snippets can’t be overstated. In a world where voice queries and voice responses become more common, what Pete Meyers coined as “Position Zero” will become “Position Only.” In other words, you will get only ONE result (initially, at least). Knowing how to become that result will be critical to thriving in a voice-centric world. This is the fourth of our comprehensive studies on this topic. You can see the other three here: The first study we ever did showing data from December 2014 Our first guide showing how to earn featured snippets (study data is from July 2015) The study where we documented the machine-driven nature of the featured snippet (study data is from January 2016) The Growth of Rich Answers Before we start, you can see a detailed definition of rich answers, knowledge boxes and featured snippets here. Here is a short-form definition for each: Featured Snippets are Rich Answer (or Direct Answer) results that include a link to the source of the answer. Knowledge Boxes are Rich Answer results that do not cite sources (e.g. questions like “how many quarts in a gallon”). Knowledge Panels are Rich Answer results that appear in a sidebar to the right of the regular search results. Extended Snippets are Rich Answer results where Google adds rich information snippets to a regular search result. Rich Answers are any search result that includes at least one of the above features. Now, for the data, let’s start by taking a look at the continuing growth of Rich Answers overall. (All results shown are based on 1.4M queries.) Google’s use of these types of features has now passed the 50 percent mark in our query set. That’s a clear indicator of how important these are to Google. Users think that it’s very important, too. In our survey of approximately 1000 users, over 60 percent said they wanted “More results that answer my question directly without my having to visit a website or another app”. Google has obviously gotten a very good response to these programs, and they are expanding them in response. Next up, let’s look at the growth of the Knowledge Box feature in Google:   The growth in this feature mirrors the rate of growth of Rich Answers overall. Next up, let’s look at the growth in featured snippets: This also grew rapidly between this study and the prior one. Nearly 30% of 1.4 million Google queries tested now show Featured Snippets.Click To Tweet Also of interest is the dramatic growth in the inclusion of images within rich answers. Here you can see the data on that growth: More than a third of these types of results now include an image! Featured Snippets are Derived from Regular Snippets We decided to explore the connection between the regular snippets you get in the search results and featured snippets, and what we found surprised us. In a manual review of 601 featured snippet results, we found that for 524 (89.9 percent) of those, the featured snippet was identical to the regular snippet associated with the search result: Nearly 90% of featured snippets in a test group had a matching regular snippet in the SERPs.Click To Tweet That left us with 61 featured snippets where the regular snippet was not a 100 percent match. I then dug into those in detail, to see if there were some unique aspects to those 61: The most common reason for the regular snippet to be a non-match was when the featured snippet was a table (25 times). In nearly every other case it appears that some other “special treatment” of the regular snippet was in play. It may be those special treatments override the normal regular snippet display, even when the search result is showing a featured snippet for the page. There were only four results in our data that I marked as “No clear reason for the mismatch.” My bet is some other reason that I don’t recognize is causing the regular snippet to be altered from the standard regular snippet. Regular Snippet Conclusions So what does this mean? Here is my theory as to how this works: The featured snippet algorithm is a simple derivative of the regular snippet algo. The only exception to this is when the featured snippet is shown as a table. The featured snippet and the displayed regular snippet will be a 100 percent match, unless some other algorithm overrides the normal regular snippet display algorithm. In principle then, to get a featured snippet, you’re actually optimizing your regular snippet. Regular Snippet Length Tells Us When We’re a Candidate for a Featured Snippet Now for our second revelation. 451 (75 percent) of the featured snippets we looked at had three or more lines in the regular snippet. What about the other 150 featured snippet results? Here is what we saw: As you can see, I was pretty easily able to explain in 149 of the cases why the regular snippet was not expanded to three or more lines. The one remaining case? Once again this is likely a scenario where I just wasn’t able to recognize why the regular snippet had been modified by some other algorithm. Now for one more fun fact. During the course of this part of our study, I saw 32 cases not involving a table where the featured snippet changed from one page to another one in the SERPs. In all 32 cases, the page picked was one that also had three or more lines in the regular snippet. This means that you’re competing for a featured snippet if your regular snippet has three or more lines of text. Study shows appearance of regular search snippet is predictor of chance of featured snippets. Click To Tweet Therefore, if your page has three or more lines of text for its regular snippet, you’re actively competing for a featured snippet. You should focus on making tweaks to the page to make it more competitive. If your regular snippet has only two lines of text, then you have much more work to do to compete for the featured snippet. Bonus Observation: Google’s Testing Featured Snippets at Crazy Levels In the last version of this study prior to this one, we presented data that showed that Google performs a massive amount of testing with featured snippets. Today, I have some new data to show about that. The following chart shows the number of featured snippets over time for 8 different web sites. Notice how certain sites see rapid drops or spikes in featured snippets, and ongoing changes over time as a result. This shows some of how Google goes about testing featured snippets. This new visualization makes it apparent that they’ll potentially test some sites for a large number of new featured snippets all at once. This looks remarkably like active A/B testing. Thanks to Jordan Silton of for sharing this chart with us. Guide to Generating Featured Snippets for Your Site Step One: Make sure that you’re chasing something worthwhile You can use keyword research tools to try to find common informational queries that users may be using that are related to your product or service. That’s a great start. I’d take it a bit further though, and tap into several other sources: Customer Service Product Marketing Sales Ask each of these groups what questions they hear frequently from customers. Then pick the highest value variants of those and make them candidate search queries for which you want to try and earn a featured snippet. Once you know the questions you want to answer, figure out the best way to thoroughly answer them. Step Two: Do research on related questions There are a lot of ways to do this, but two of my favorites are: Mine search suggestions. Enter your main query (e.g. “How to get a featured snippet” may be an example of such a query) for which you want to obtain a featured snippet, and see what related search terms come up. This will give you data on what Google sees as strongly related to that query. Mine People Also Ask. Enter in your main query and see what shows up in Google’s People Also Ask boxes. This is more data on what Google sees as closely related The goal of this effort is not focused on the specific chunk of content that you’re trying to get to show as the featured snippet. It’s about adding value to the rest of the page. It’s my belief that some part of the featured snippet algorithm favors showing pages that have more depth of information than just the direct response to the question. Step Three: Check queries to see where you already have a regular snippet of three or more lines Remember, these are queries where you are already in the running. For these pages, examine ways to tweak and improve your content. You don’t need to overhaul these pages. They’re already close to success. Experiment with ways to make them a bit better, as that may be all you need. Perhaps you can answer the specific question more directly or more thoroughly. Or, perhaps you need to add more information on related topics on the page. Be prepared to experiment and see what works. Step Four: For queries where you currently do not have three or more line regular snippets, create new content or significantly modify existing content. Note, where applicable, link to closely related pages on your site, as I believe that this also helps make the page a lot more valuable. Step Five: Research most common formats for FS in your market You can look at related queries to see which of those have featured snippets, and what format those are in. Based on that info, should your info be in a bulleted list? A table? A paragraph? Once you have this info, use that to put together your answers in that format. Step Six: Complete your content and upload it Once you’ve done that, the waiting game starts. Note: If it’s a new page, you can speed up its discovery time by using Google’s Submit URL tool. Step Seven: Test, Measure, Iterate  A good way to think about this process is as follows: Step Eight: Once you have a working model, scale it This is the fun part, especially if you have a lot of pages that follow a similar structure. OK, So, Does It Work? Great question, and the answer is yes. The above eight-step procedure does work. But, for simplicity, let me break it down even more. You need to create easy to understand, great content that answers common user questions directly. Publish that in high value content. See if it works. If it doesn’t, tweak it to make it better still. Rinse and repeat, until you get the desired results. Here are three case studies from work we have done with clients: As you can see, persistence is key. Summary We use these processes regularly with our clients, and they work. The benefits are significant. If your page is ranking number five for a search query, it may be less work to jump to position zero than it is to get to position one. Keep in mind too, that this procedure will arguably help you improve the quality of your content on your pages as well, and that’s a good thing. Lastly, this will also set you up quite nicely for a voice query driven world where position zero becomes Position Only.

2017 Social Media Marketing Industry Report

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Do you wonder how your peers are using social media? Wondering if you should focus more on visuals or live video? In our ninth-annual social media study, more than 5,700 marketers reveal where they’ll focus their social media efforts. This industry report also shows you which social tactics are most effective and how content plays [...] This post 2017 Social Media Marketing Industry Report first appeared on . - Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle

PSSC Labs Announces “Greenest” New Eco Blade Server Platform for High Performance Computing

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LAKE FOREST, CA – PSSC Labs, a developer of custom HPC and Big Data computing solutions, today announced its new Eco Blade server platform, the most energy efficient high performance blade server on the market. The Eco Blade is a unique server platform engineered specifically for high performance, high density computing environments – simultaneously increasing compute density while decreasing power use. Eco Blade offers two complete, independent servers within 1U of rack space. Each independent server supports up to 64 Intel® Xeon® processor cores and 1.0 TB of enterprise memory for a total of up to 128 Cores and 2 TB of memory per 1U. There is no shared power supply or backplane, a unique design feature that translates to power savings of up to 46% on a per server comparison with servers of similar capabilities from leading brands. By lowering the power consumption of these servers, PSSC Labs is offering the greenest server of its kind on the market, translating to lower lifetime ownership costs for institutions that adopt the Eco Blade servers. According to the EPA, volume servers are responsible for 68% of all electricity consumed by IT equipment in data centers in 2006. A study by the US government found that in 2014 US data centers consumed about 70 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity, making up 2% of the country’s total energy consumption. Using over 90% energy efficient power supplies and combining them with power saving features, the Eco Blade servers result in significant savings in energy costs over the lifetime of the product. Along with the significant reduction in power used, the Eco Blade is built using 55% recyclable material, it a move that cements PSSC Labs’ commitment to finding sustainable enterprise server solutions that reduce waste and powers progress. “The global thirst for more computing power and storage see demand for volume servers and the resulting energy consumption to continue to rise. As an industry, it is our responsibility to find ways to reduce power consumption while still providing the computing ability needed to fuel cutting edge research and groundbreaking enterprises,” said Alex Lesser, Vice President of PSSC Labs. “PSSC Labs has taken a big step in engineering a HPC / data center server that does not compromise on performance but will significantly reduce power consumption. By deploying the Eco Blade server instead of traditional servers from other manufacturers, companies will reduce their cap ex and op ex while being good stewards of the environment.” In addition to the lifetime saving in energy costs, the Eco Blade servers allow higher density rack configurations which reduce the amount of infrastructure and networking equipment required, translating to huge cost savings during the initial purchase as well as savings to recurring maintenance costs. Eco Blade Technical Specs: Supports 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2600v4 Processors Up to 128 Processor Cores in just 1U of rack space (with hypertheading enabled) Up to 1.0TB of High Performance ECC Registered System Memory Per Server 2 x Redundant SSD Operating System Hard Drives Network Connectivity Options include 10GigE, 40GigE and 100GigE Support for Mellanox Infiniband and Intel Omnipath Remote Management through Dedicated IPMI 2.0 Network Certified Compatible with Red Hat Linux, CentOS Linux, Ubuntu Linux, Microsoft Operating Systems Application Compatibility Docker Kubernetes Mesos OpenStack Joyent Rancher Chef Puppet High Performance Computing (HPC) workloads All PSSC Labs server installation includes a one year unlimited phone / email support package (additional year support available), with fully US based support staff. Prices for a custom-built Eco Blade servers start at $2,299. For more information on the Eco Blade, visit About PSSC Labs For technology powered visionaries with a passion for challenging the status quo, PSSC Labs is the answer for hand-crafted HPC and Big Data computing solutions that deliver relentless performance with the absolute lowest total cost of ownership. All products are designed and built at the company’s headquarters in Lake Forest, California. Launches Domain Aftermarket

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VANCOUVER, BC –, a leading provider of Internet solutions in Canada and the original .CA domain name registrar, continues to enhance its product portfolio by offering innovative solutions. ( has now launched its Domain Aftermarket, a marketplace where its customers can buy and sell domain names. “A gateway to great names,” the domain aftermarket helps startups, businesses and brands find their ideal web address by exposing them to premium domains that are available to purchase every time they do a domain search. A leader in BC’s business community and a determined advocate for businesses, CEO Cybele Negris ( moved to incorporate a marketplace for premium domains into Webnames product lineup after realizing that increasing numbers of businesses are beginning to understand the branding, search engine and marketing benefits of a relevant, compelling or memorable domain name. By offering a market to purchase premium domains owned by 3rd parties, prospective registrants would have a larger field of names to choose from, and potentially purchase the exact domain name they had originally envisaged for their brand, or a suitable alternative. Unlike some of their competitors,’s domain aftermarket is not an auction site, nor will it offer domains that are expiring. wants domain buyers to be secure in the knowledge that they will actually get the domain name that they have added to their shopping cart. Many businesses don’t want to wait 3 days for a domain auction to end, with the potential that they could be outbid at the last minute, or cross their fingers that they will be the lucky buyer of an expiring domain name. Webnames wants to enable businesses to move forward and begin using their new domain assets as quickly as possible. Why some premium domains require a prospective buyer to request the price, the overwhelming majority of names in the domain aftermarket have a stated price and can be purchased in a matter of minutes. “Our customers know that we are here to help them succeed with their venture – be it a new product, project or brand. With our new Domain Aftermarket, transparent pricing and simple purchasing, we’re trying to make getting a premium domain name easy,“ offers Negris. “Our goal with this service is to enable more businesses to get high quality domain names early on in their lifecycle, because we know the investment pays off in the long run.” As with all of its services, Webnames differentiates itself from the competition through unparalleled support and a mandate to “amaze every customer with exceptional service” – a core value that applies to its Aftermaket Domain business also. “Our team of domain experts is here to help should buyers have any questions about the Aftermarket, the buying process for premium domains, or related services like Domain Brokering” explains Customer Support Manager Shawn Randhawa. “We take pride in the care and support we offer to both our longtime and new customers alike.” For more information about Webnames Aftermarket Domains and what makes an aftermarket domain a good business and marketing investment, visit: Webnames Blog: To search Webnames Aftermarket Domains, visit: About is Canada’s original and most experienced domain registrar. Canadian owned and operated since 2000, began as a spin-off from the Internet pioneers who founded the .CA domain in 1987. A leader in Internet services, provides corporations, small businesses, entrepreneurs, non-profits and individuals with the solutions they need to successfully operate their businesses online. Some of’s services include domain registrations and domain portfolio management, domain brokering, web hosting, business email solutions, advanced DNS and SSL certificates.’s reputation for reliability is complemented by industry-leading solutions and unlimited toll-free technical support available in both English and French. The multi-million dollar company has an impressive client list that includes many of Canada’s top brands and global Fortune 500 companies.

Serverfreak Technologies Sdn Bhd Inks Partnership with SmarterTools

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KUALA LUMPUR – Serverfreak Technologies Sdn Bhd is proud to announce it has partnered with SmarterTools Inc. to provide SmarterTools software as an authorized bundle provider. With this partnership, Serverfreak Technologies Sdn Bhd is now able to offer value added service to our clients whereby our clients are now able to do more and still stay within their budget when hosted with us. Serverfreak is confident that with our superior support and the smarter tools software bundle, customers will never go wrong when choosing to host with us. Under the terms of the new partnership, Serverfreak Technologies Sdn Bhd will provide the SmarterBundle at no additional cost to customers that purchase Windows Virtual Private Server and Dedicated Servers. The SmarterBundle is valued at $800 (U.S. dollars) and includes: SmarterMail [version 15] – SmarterMail is an award-winning mail server that meets the needs of both small businesses and enterprise organizations. With a rich Webmail interface, advanced synchronization, rich collaboration features, email archiving, file storage 97% out-of-the-box antispam protection and optional add-ons for Exchange ActiveSync, Cyren Premium Antispam, and Cyren Zero-Hour Antivirus, SmarterMail is the cost-effective Microsoft Exchange alternative. SmarterTrack [version 12] – SmarterTrack is a powerful help desk application that transforms customer service efforts into a multi-channel communications portal. Features include a ticket system, live chat, Who’s On visitor monitoring, call logging, a task management system, branding and language support, reporting, surveys and a knowledge base. SmarterStats [version 11] – SmarterStats is a Web log analytics and SEO software solution that enables users to obtain detailed analysis of web traffic, visitors’ behavior, SEO marketing efforts, and more. For more information, visit About SmarterTools Founded in 2003, SmarterTools Inc. is an information technology management software company based in Phoenix, Arizona. SmarterTools builds a Windows mail server, customer service software, and Web log analytics and SEO software that simplify and automate the day-to-day IT operations of businesses and hosting environments in over 100 countries. About ServerFreak Technologies Sdn Bhd ServerFreak Technologies Sdn. Bhd. opens its door to business in 2003 and we specializes in providing web hosting solutions for almost all range of purposes – personal blogs, email solutions, corporate websites, databases and the list goes on.Our aim is to provide simple and affordable hosting solutions to enable our clients to create their presence online as quickly and as easily as possible. Hosting thousands of customers worldwide, Serverfreak Team is committed to provide feature packed hosting solutions that are supported by our superior support service.


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