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Comprehensive Guides

One thing that has always been frustrating is being able to find the information you need on how to use your web hosting account and build your website. The problem is that most web hosting knowledge bases are inadequate, hard to use, and typically assume that you already know how to do certain things. The few ones that do include comprehensive and well written information are usually hard to search because they are not organized well. The Complete Hosting Guide aims to solve that issue by providing comprehensive documentation that is well organized and easy to use.

Web Host Comparisons

If you are not sure which web host to choose from, select from our list of web hosts. Unlike other web hosting guides, we will list hosts whether they pay us or not. (Although if a host does have an affiliate program, we will probably sign up.) We want you to see what your choices are, not just the ones who pay the highest commissions. (We do remove web hosts that are dishonest in paying commissions, as that probably indicates they are cheating their customers as well.)

Unbiased and Biased Articles

While we try to remain as impartial as possible, the reality is that we all have our biases. For example, we happen to like WordPress and Drupal over other content management systems (CMS's), and prefer certain web hosts over others. So, you are probably going to see more articles about things we like or find interesting. That being said, we are striving to be the most comprehensive hosting and web design guide on the planet, and that means covering a lot of hosts, control panels and scripts. Our goal is to allow everyone their chance to shine and keep things positive.

Outbound Links Are Good

One thing that makes us unique is that we actually will link to the web host's or scripts own documentation, where practical, even when we have our own version of the instructions. Most websites are so worried that you are going to click off to somewhere else and never return. We are hoping that you keep coming back because we help you find the information you need, regardless of whether it is on our site or someone else's. This will also help ensure that you find the most up-to-date information, whether from us or directly from the source, as some web hosts and scripts are notorious for constantly changing. Bottom line: if we don't have it, we probably know someone who does. And we are willing to share.

Community & Feedback

We welcome you to join our community and participate in our forums. You participation will help other people build their websites, and it will also help us make this site better. Join us today!

We're Just Getting Started

As you probably can see, our website does not include everything described above yet. Our goal is to continue adding to and updating this website until it becomes the preferred destination for hosting and web design information. You can help us by joining, participating in our forums, and adding useful comments on articles. Just remember, there is almost more to come. Thank you for joining us, and be sure to check back later for more updates and content.

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